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  • Do I need a membership to use the Recovery Lounge?
    No - we offer both daily drop-in rates and unlimited monthly memberships specifically for our Recovery Lounge.
  • When do you recommend using the Recovery Lounge?
    There are natural recovery processes that we would like to enhance and, therefore, recommend using the Recovery Lounge on a non-training day or (at a minimum) several hours following a training session. However, the traditional sauna may be used following a training session to improve cardiovascular function.
  • How long should I use the sauna and cold plunge for?
    We recommend building up to 60 minutes per week in the sauna and 11 minutes per week in the cold plunge.
  • What is the temperature of the sauna and cold plunge?
    We maintain the sauna at 165-185 degrees and the cold plunge at 60 degrees. However, as you improve your tolerance, we can increase the temperature of the sauna up to 230 degrees and decrease the temperature of the cold plunge to 33 degrees.
  • How do you keep the cold plunge clean?
    We use Sirona Spa Care products to maintain pH, calcium balance, and cleanliness. Instead of using harsh chemicals like chlorine or bromine, we use Sirona's Sanitizer and Oxidizer to keep our cold plunge clean.
  • Are there any health issues that would prevent using the Recovery Lounge?
    Yes. Certain cardiovascular and respiratory issues, neurological disorders, cancer, diabetes, skin conditions, pregnancy, and recent surgery will require clearance from a medical professional for use of the Recovery Lounge.


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