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EVO Health + Performance was created to address the challenges of a healthcare system that often fails to provide long-term solutions - leaving too many under-prepared to tolerate the demands of an active life.


The COVID-19 pandemic was the catalyst as it significantly influenced our understanding of health, highlighting the need to redefine what it means to be 'healthy.' It has underscored the importance of a holistic approach to health that includes not only the absence of disease but also the presence of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

So, we created a system that focuses on providing our members with the tools needed for a long, healthy life.

One that leads with fitness. While the standard gym can be intimidating, overwhelming, and often leave people lost in the mix - we addressed these issues as well. 

At EVO, we believe that the next evolution of healthcare leads with fitness to develop resilience of the mind & body. It’s a collaborative effort to meet you where you’re at & help you to develop the skills needed to get where you want to go.


So we created a system that takes you by the hand 

At EVO Health and Performance, we believe that confidence comes with knowing you’re prepared for whatever life brings — whether that means playing in the season finals or playing with your grandkids.

We've created a system to help address the challenges of getting started, being consistent, staying healthy, and making progress towards a longer, more active life.


No matter where you're starting in your journey, we're able to meet you where you're at with our individualized approach - providing you with purposeful guidance towards your health, fitness, and performance goals. 

We’ve created a solution for fitness purgatory to help those that are serious about their health, fitness, and performance.

One that leans into an individualized approach without the hefty price tag of personal training.

One that helps people make lifelong changes.

While most gyms promote their flashy new equipment, we have a system that takes people by the hand and guides them through their fitness journey.

We will have two training options: private and semi-private training.

We will also be introducing options for our recovery lounge.


emphasize an active approach to individualized, one-on-one care, collaboration between healthcare professionals, and a focus on maintaining, improving, and optimizing fitness to provide a seamless transition throughout the recovery and training process. We listen to your story, perform comprehensive evaluations, and create individualized treatment plans specific to your needs and goals.

We work directly with you and members of your ‘team’—whether they are your parents, MD, other providers, coaches, or trainers—to ensure a common goal: aiding your comeback with a focus on your long-term safety and health. We aim to educate our patients on self-care and create plans for maintaining and improving upon the skills acquired during our time together, equipping you with the tools and knowledge for long-term success.


We’ve used this ‘recipe for success’ to help hundreds of patients overcome the adversity of pain and injury, allowing them to make a confident comeback from ‘injured to indestructible.’


With the proliferation of big box and boutique gyms, there are countless fitness options available. However, these often fall into three categories: personal training, group fitness, and open gym access. While these can be great for some, they can also be overwhelming, intimidating, lack value, or be cost-prohibitive for others. Many people struggle to start or stay consistent with a healthy lifestyle because these options are imperfect. We’ve had many clients with similar stories: overwhelmed by gym equipment, lost in crowded classes, or unable to afford personal training.


Our solution addresses this fitness purgatory for those serious about their health, fitness, and performance. We offer an individualized approach without the hefty price tag of personal training, helping people make lifelong changes. Unlike most gyms that promote flashy equipment, we have a system that guides people through their fitness journey.


We offer two training options: private and semi-private training, along with options for our recovery lounge. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, ensuring that you have the support and guidance needed for long-term success.




Dr. TJ Martino

Owner + Physical Therapist


Dr. Andrew Lelie

Physical Therapist

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Matt Strout

Owner + Fitness Director


Leah Schmidt

Health + Fitness Coach


Jamie Pastorini

Health + Fitness Coach


Pete Strout

Health + Fitness Coach


Marci Pastorini

Office Manager

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